Memoirs of a Guitar Salesman EP

by east of the west

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Bill S. Preston, esquire. and Ted "Theodore" Logan have traveled the circuits of time to convince Kevin O'Beirne, Jay Burhenne, Jesse James, Chris Lafrancis and Roberto Chavez to record an EP together at a guitar shop in San Dimas.

recorded @ gradwell house by David Downham
produced by David downham and Roberto Chavez

*The Comedy (King Rich Version)
recorded @ Philly Sound Studios
engineered by Rich King
Produced by King Rich and Roberto Chavez

made possible by time travel


released April 20, 2013

roberto chavez
kevin o'beirne
jesse james jr
jay burhenne
dave downham
richard p. lange
tedd allen
chris lafrancis



all rights reserved


east of the west Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

things began in the early morning of october 26, 1985. there was a wild eyed scientist, a crazy kid, a shaggy dog, some plutonium, a modified delorean, and some pissed off lybians in a farfegnugen.

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Track Name: East of the West - The Sailboat Appendages
Open yourself like a sail... and have the courage to follow where the wind will take you
Track Name: East of the West - Theme for A Cowboy
on a table/his mother bled/unalarming/the doctor said /one big push now, I can see a head/the doctor frowned and from his brow/pooled sweat came pouring down/to mix with the red that now paints the floor/his mother’s howls are the sounds you'd hear when angels die/the doctor quickly hands her him to tend to her/she kissed his lips without concern/and whispered her last words

like a statue... he wouldn't bend/years of tempting roll off his chest/he'd hold his head up high and bat his eye/his natty hair and stubbled chin would give a grin and you'd begin/to wonder how this world could go and pass him by/he'd have a no-greed philosophy... take only what you need

he'd say/you've made yourself too thirsty, when waters plenty/or/if you’re overflowing, you'll be empty

in a meadow/a foliage nest/etched in granite a headstone says/here lies a cowboy... he could walk on water/he wouldn't let this empire make him hollow